Lack of Impulse Control: Is It Preventing Leaders from Engaging with Their Team?

It all started with a client of mine whose leader had expressed frustration with her team members for being too relaxed and unprofessional. My client was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a large healthcare company with over 600 team members.…

How Would Louis Zamperini Respond to Your Leadership Challenges with Optimism and Resiliency?

Updated August 2022 - When I think of optimism and resilience in people, I think of our “greatest generation” and people like Louis Zamperini.  Zamperini faces extraordinary trauma, as depicted in the book, Unbroken, and he has leadership…

Why Self-Esteem is Critical to Successful Leadership

Low self-esteem is a funny thing. It shows up in successful people as much as it does in someone we deem as lazy.
young kid with glasses and smoke coming out his ears

Are You a Self-Aware Leader?

Although most organizations spend the majority of their training budget on technical skills, a large percentage of leaders do not have the necessary skills and emotional competencies to manage the demands of the new economy.

The Last 8% of Constructive Feedback Conversations

Does anyone actually like their annual performance review? Leaders don't enjoy preparing them and employees dread attending them.

Intention vs. Action: Love Human Beings Not Human Doings

We judge ourselves based on our good intentions, and we judge others based on their actions. The holiday season is full of good intentions but also many emotional pitfalls and opportunities to feel let down, put down, or shut down.

Women Performing in Pressure Moments

It's been long thought that women don't do well under pressure. But some recent research is looking at women and pressure much differently.