The DeXI & SWIEI 6 week course is an outstanding service to bring you and your staff to the next level of Emotional Intelligence competence.

The Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence (SWIEI) and Dynamic Experiential Learning (DeXL) have partnered to transform and improve the way in which leadership training on emotional intelligence (EI) is delivered, learned, and applied. Emotional intelligence is a well-researched leadership concept that is critical to effective leadership performance and success.

Using science-based learning approaches grounded in DeXL’s innovative learning experience engine, coupled with SWIEI’s deep industry expertise from certified trainers and professional coaches, the collaboration has produced an EI training program like no other. Learners will gain proficiency and experience with competencies vital to the mastery of EI using cutting-edge learning technology, combined with experiential learning activities. It is designed for individual influencers, emerging leaders, managers and senior leaders.

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The monthly online EI training subscription is based on expert research and is designed for individual influencers, emerging leaders, managers and executives. The results of a leaders commitment to learning EI are unprecedented, and by showing up and practicing these Ei skills, you will become a higher performing leader. With the EI Online Training Programs, now you can have access to her expertise from anywhere, at any time.  To learn more about how emotional intelligence is important to your career .