An Interactive Sales Training Online Course


Utilizing SWIEI Online Sales Video Training Assessment Tool, sales team members will engage in experiential
learning and soft skill development at scale. Organizations use our structured video workflows to facilitate repeated skill
practice, peer-to-peer collaboration, and knowledge application within a real-world context.
SWIEI customizes this course to meet your business’s needs. That includes online workshops, live virtual training
sessions, assignments, and coaching.

The Benefit


In a rapidly changing business environment, the need to have a sale team leader excel at a sales pitch, negotiating,
and driving a final commitment has never been more relevant to an organization’s success. Our customized
experiences are designed to reflect relevant, real-world situations in sales. We bring a sales training blend of AI and
live human interaction with coaching feedback to elevate every member of your sales team to
high-performing, confident closers.


  • 90 Minute Live Coaching Presentation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Analysis Reporting
    • Clarity, Speed, Use of Filler Words, Key Terms
  • Individual LMS Logins
  • Coaching Feedback
  • Customized Topics as it Relates to Sale Skills Looking to Improve
    • Communication Skills
    • Building Rapport
    • Overcoming Objections
    • Avoiding Common Sales Mistakes
    • Sales Call – The first 30 Seconds
    • Much more…..
  • Customized Customer Video Scenarios
  • Live Customer Actor Scenarios


  • Build Confidence in Selling
  • Improve Your Sales Pitch


  • Drive Motivation & Performance
  • Asking the Right Questions


  • How to Create a Connection
    with Your Customer

Our Reimagined Learning Model:
A Better Way to Learn Online


Study lessons that incorporate fundamental concepts and tools with proven learning strategies applicable to your workplace.


Apply your learning using a video-based practice engine with real-world scenarios, recorded learner responses, and feedback from our experts.


Exhibit competencies with virtual face-to-face role plays that provide real-time, targeted feedback.


Share your own experiences of the subject matter with other learners in this training. Participation helps improve your EI and promotes a community of practice.


Research supplemental readings or videos that will be posted at the end of selected courses to assist with understanding content, tools, and techniques. Selected courses also include “enriched” lessons the learner has studied.


Master additional skills through continuous practice, leveling-up learning activities, and advanced badges so you’re always ready when it matters most.

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