An Immersive EI Training Online Course

The Leader with Emotional Intelligence

The Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence (SWIEI) has transformed and improved the way

in which leadership training on emotional intelligence (EI) is delivered, learned, and applied.

Emotional intelligence is a well-researched leadership concept that is critical to effective leadership performance and success.

In only 6-weeks,
The Leader with Emotional Intelligence Online Course

  • Is proven to increase self-awareness and build confidence in emotional intelligence mastery skills (because it incorporates 1:1 feedback in observed practicesessions with real people and live actors)
  • Quickly identifies development opportunities in your organization’s leaders (through insights achieved in observed practice and AI-powered learning science and technology such as “diligence” algorithms)
  • Ensures accountability for demonstrated behavioral change (learners pass only after demonstrating EI skills in recorded practice session with live “Improv actor”)
  • Is more cost efficient, flexible, scalable and effective (than workshops or traditional 1:1 coaching)

5 Reasons to Learn Online
with SWIEI

Flexible learning: purposefully designed to fit learning into your work schedule and life for minutes per day.
Expert Feedback & Coaching: connect with dedicated, certified professionals who review your practice work and identify areas to improve so that you gain skills faster and more effectively.
Personalized Skill Development: evidence-based, measurable improvement in your self-efficacy, awareness, satisfaction, and confidence.
Real-Time, Ai-Driven Practice: learning content adapts to your level of proficiency-based upon our artificial intelligence learning engine and challenges you to learn more.
Real-World Scenarios: learn to apply your skills in different situations and within your professional context.

Our Reimagined Learning Model:
A Better Way to Learn Online

proven learning strategies


Study lessons that incorporate fundamental concepts and tools with proven learning strategies applicable to your workplace.

apply your EI learning


Apply your learning using a video-based practice engine with real-world scenarios, recorded learner responses, and feedback from our experts.


Exhibit competencies with virtual face-to-face role plays that provide real-time, targeted feedback.

share your own experiences


Share your own experiences of the subject matter with other learners in this training. Participation helps improve your EI and promotes a community of practice.

research and enrichment


Research supplemental readings or videos that will be posted at the end of selected courses to assist with understanding content, tools, and techniques. Selected courses also include “enriched” lessons the learner has studied.

master skills in emotional intelligence online course


Master additional skills through continuous practice, leveling-up learning activities, and advanced badges so you’re always ready when it matters most.

Our Six-Week Online Course Details

Upcoming Start Dates: August 19th, 2024
Length: Six weeks
Average Weekly Time Commitment: 1.5 to 2 hours per week

Scholarship for Non-Profit Leaders to
The Leader with Emotional Intelligence – 6-Week EI Online Training

We are offering a non-profit leader
who has been in a leadership role
for at least 2 years a full scholarship
in our Leader with Emotional Intelligence Online 6-week Course.

We are looking for leaders that want to improve their skills around emotional intelligence and overall self-awareness. We are offering a scholarship to 2 non-profit leaders per EI Online 6- Week Course in 2024.

emotional intelligence online course

What Participants are Saying

Our fully online emotional intelligence training uses the latest adaptive learning technology combined with personalized coaching to provide you a better way to learn.

You’ll not only gain the EI knowledge and skills to amplify your leadership effectiveness, but you’ll also be provided
personalized guidance for practical application.

“The EI content was sound, very-well articulated, and yet simply presented in the concepts and main points. In fact, contrary to what I expected, the Cerego process actually became one of my favorite elements of the course. I wish I had several of my professional curricula this well-organized, articulated, and trained! For me, this was VERY effective.”

“The Emotional Intelligence course came at just the right time for me. I learned techniques to help myself remain calm and not respond with too much emotion and how to build trust with others while still holding them accountable. The interactive platform even allowed me the opportunity to see myself in action so I could clearly see how I wanted to improve my own communication.

I immediately started implementing the EI competencies as I interacted with my team, as soon as I learned them, so I could be a more present leader. I keep a copy of the competency cards with me in my work bag as a quick reference, to remind myself of the key components of Emotional Intelligence – so I can always stay focused on maintaining the highest levels of emotional intelligence during any situation.”

“This training was unbelievably beneficial for not only my career but for me personally. It has given me tools that have helped me with my team as well as at home. Tools I use every day and will continue to use in my lifetime. It made me look at how I manage, present myself, and how I can deal with difficult situations. The online course flew by and was very manageable and incorporated tools I have not seen in traditional training. I have been through many trainings in this field and the Emotional Intelligence training through SWIEI is the best by far and has helped me navigate through many difficult circumstances and allowed me to feel that I have done the best I can in every situation.”

“The EI content is top-notch. I appreciate the way in which you’ve interwoven content, application, and experiential learning with the videos and then measured knowledge retention.”

“I wish I had several of my professional curricula this well-organized, articulated, and trained! For me, this was VERY effective.”

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