Client Testimonials from Emotional Intelligence Training Program

Lorraine Field, CPO at Sonora Quest Laboratories

I think the one thing that I took away today that is most powerful, is the ability to control my overreactions to certain stimulus in the environment. Being able to take some tools in my toolbox to use at various points in time, either during my professional relationships or my personal relationships, that’ll really help positively affect those relationships and build those relationships up.

I have to say thank you very much. It was a fabulous opportunity. I personally learned a lot about myself that I thought I knew, and I was pleasantly surprised some things I knew and I could reflect on and some things I learned that were very different than my original perception of myself.

The one thing I took away today from the emotional intelligence conference was that to ask powerful questions of the people that you’re working with, the who, the how, the when, the where and those were the things that I learned today. 

I think the concepts that were taught today are absolutely applicable in a corporate environment and taking the moment, as a leader, as a woman to take a break from the day-to-day operations and spend time with other women in a very supportive environment. To learn about yourself and about potential tools to use to apply back in the workplace is absolutely critical, as you grow as an individual.

I would definitely recommend this program to other people, I think these soft skills aren’t taught in any other organization or any other way out in society and that this is the one thing that I think that we miss as we go into business, relationships and building those opportunities out is, is the we take some time we go to school, we get our degrees, we come to our businesses with a baseline IQ but we don’t spend a lot of time building out the emotional intelligence that we all need to succeed in, to be leaders in the organization.

I would absolutely recommend this program to any executive, any leader, any woman, man. I think it’s such a powerful program to use your emotional intelligence to move your company forward, to move your team forward to move your relationships forward, I think it’s very important that we understand our emotions and know how to manage them.